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When is the last time you said thank you and really meant it?
Not “thank you” in passing, mumbled under your breath when a door was held for you. Not a sarcastic, “thanks” when you were given a speeding ticket either.

When is the last time you REALLY said Thank You like you and your entire life meant it?
If you can’t remember, we ought to do something about that.
When did you stop being grateful?
Perhaps we never were all that grateful to begin with.

Make no mistake, desiring more for yourself, your life, your bank account, your family etc doesn’t mean that you don’t live in gratitude.
I’m talking about THOSE people.
You know…
THOSE ones.
The ones with the worst luck.
The ones that can’t ever seem to get it together.
The ones that swear that the entire world is genuinely out to get them.
They have the case studies to prove it, just ask them.

I started digging up my own bones sometimes last year. A self-help book here, a podcast there. I figured, “What the hell did I have to lose”? The answer was nothing. Or was it?

I read the woo-woo, the “what the fuck did I just read”, the too cheese-ball and in between, some really solid stuff. What if we started saying Thank You when we got hurt?
What if I said Thank You when I received another bill? Got stuck in traffic? Got sick?
I gave it a go.

Turns out, it’s really hard to feel lack when you sit and say (or write) out-loud, all that you’re thankful for. No matter how small or trivial YOU think they are.
My home.
My fireplace.
Pens to write with.
A shower.
My health.
A bed.
A washing machine.
The list goes on…
My point exactly.

You know when you stub your toe and then it just seems like you get kicked in the dick the remainder of the day?
I had one of those days not too long ago.
I smacked my head on the edge of my dresser, I burnt my forearm taking a pan out of the oven, I sliced the corner of my mouth open eating almond butter out of a to-go pouch.
Literally, in the span of 2 hours.
After screaming, “OKAY” loud enough that Scarlett then started yelling “KAY” I stopped what I was doing and I just said Thank You.
I just said it and it shifted my focus inward where I was then met with my really kind and gentle inner voice saying, “What the fuck is your problem”?
Aside from the corner of my mouth bleeding, not a whole lot.
My point exactly.

It’s sort of like when your kid screams as if someone is plucking out her eyelashes, one at a time, when you’re putting her clothes on (just me?)
Your eye starts to twitch, your brow may even get a little sweaty and mid-scream, she suddenly get hiccups.
The hiccups then cause your baby girl to fall into hysteric laughter, almost as if she’s in total disbelief herself.
Naturally, the sheer ridiculousness of the last 3 minutes then causes you to join in on the laughter.
You’ve both forgotten all about how you “Just couldn’t even” a mere 18 seconds ago.

Living in gratitude, which I’ve come to believe is as an art, has become an active practice in my life. Every morning I spend roughly 10 minutes writing down everything I’m grateful for. The big, the small and the not yet here. I say Thank You for my coffee, Thank You for my lungs, Thank You for my life, Thank You for my clients, you get the idea.

If this sounds like a bunch of Burning Man, washed up, hokey bullshit, you might be one of THOSE people. Maybe you’re not but I encourage you to be honest with yourself. Is your world falling to pieces every five seconds? I can ask that question because I was that person at one point. If it is, and you are, start being grateful. If your constantly butting heads with God/The Universe, take the 10 minutes out of your day to learn the lesson and move on already. Rewrite your story by changing it instead of wallowing in it. There’s no coincidence that you’re shambles everyday and saying Thank You just might be your ticket out of Shamblesville.

Nothin’ but (tough) love, baby.
That, and all the gratitude.