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Sometimes I am messy.
I love hard.
I cry hard.
I am passionate.
I am impatient.
I am hard on myself.

So much I have learned in the last year.
About love, about business, about friendships, relationships, hardships. I have gained traction in my life. Dug my nails deep into the things I want. l’ve become intentional with my time, my thoughts, my actions and my words.
I have become deliberate.

Make no mistake, I am still fully capable of being a mess.
I am overcome with self doubt, I speak harshly of myself and to myself, I’m impatient with my progress. I get overwhelmed, I question myself, I shut down, I become distracted


I’m okay with my mess. Oftentimes it stems from how much I care about what it is that I’m doing. I took all of 2017 to sit inside my mess, splash around in it before carving my way out.
That’s right.
I said it’s okay to be a mess but you’ve got to turn that fucker around at some point.
You’ve got to co-create with God/The Universe/The Moon/Your Mom (not your mom) to live FULL.
Allow yourself to cry, to rage, to FEEL.
Crawl up in it, make a nest, have your mail delivered there.
Then, when you’re done, get yourself a
cup of cold water
A glass of wine
A shot of whiskey
Put on some lipstick or throw on some sweats and remember why you started in the first place.
Why did you start? If you’re going to question yourself, simply let it be a reminder.

I am not ashamed of my mess and neither should you. I am an emotional woman and I’m proud of that. Maybe you’re not emotional. Maybe you just get hung-up and moments turn into days. Maybe you’re so anti-mess that allowing yourself to feel makes you cringe.
Whatever your story is, be a mess.
Get back up.
Do it over
And over
And over.

Acknowledge your messes and learn from them. Show yourself some grace and then muster up all your lady-magic and clean it up, sister.
Don’t be afraid to make messes. If you’re making a mess chances are you’re creating.
Who the hell knows.
Maybe you just starting menstruating only to find you’re out of peanut butter. You want to shamble over that? Fair.
But then put your boots on and get some more.
At the very least GrubHub that shit like the Queen you are.

It’s going to be okay.
Messes are okay.
You are okay.