I’m Ava,

and I live in Denver, CO.

This space is where I hope to Write (and cook) My Way Through navigating this new version of my life, while sharing my findings and recipes with y’all.

I’m a lover of black coffee, underdone baked goods, flakey salt, spicy that makes me sweat, and a drink-in-hand while I cook.

Thank you for being here.

From The Blog


This isn’t some Sad Girl blog... Okay, maybe a little. But, like, some things are just sad right now. When I think about things overall, like- My green grapes being shitty because I couldn’t taste them prior to buying (I am turning into my mother), or how I’m having a...

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2020 haunted me in ways I didn't know were possible. There was the obvious- A poorly handled pandemic. The one I watched unfurl over my shoulder, as I was privledged enough to shelter myself and my family from the majority of the reality. There was my growing belly,...

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 I don’t know what love is. Oh, for crying out loud, quiet down. Of course I know what love is. I know what hearing “Momma” sounds like. I know how I feel when I trace the eyebrows of my babies as they fall asleep. I know the feeling of a transformative meal. I know...

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Disassociating is my toxic trait. A coping and survival mechanism I adapted as a child, became my go-to Emotion Weapon later on. It aids in the avoidance of feelings of hurt and betrayal, which can be good, but it also makes it challenging for me to maintain...

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I haven’t cooked anything worth noting for a week- Until today. I sustain off taste-tests from work, bagged salad (yes, still), and half-drank cups of coffee that I only seem to get one or two hot sips from, despite it being housed inside of a Yeti. And shit sucks. I...

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Tell me your Funny Not Funny moments? I’ll go first. I need to move out. I need to apply for temporary assistance so that I can move out and find my footing and run a business that is quite literally a newborn, and not tank everything. You know? I need to apply for...

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